Preteen Passage Milestone

Preteen Passage – Family Time Together

PreTeenPassage_PgImgThe preteen years are a shotgun blast of change, challenge, and choices.  “Because my parents do it that way” isn’t the rock-solid reason it used to be.  Preteens cautiously pull up anchor and move away from their parental pier just to see if the boat will float.  Somewhere along the way, they’ll decide whether to draw closer to God or reject him.  The great thing is that God is always there, waiting for us to find him.  Grandview is hosting a “Preteen Passage – Family Time Together” to help parents and preteens prepare for the passage into adolescence.
Target Age: Age 12 (6th grade students)*
When: TBD
Where: Grandview Church in room A-10
*At least one parent (grandparent or mentor) must be present with the child at the Family Time Together, in order to participate in the All-Church Celebration.