K-5 Clubhouse

Each Sunday morning Grandview is eager to engage your kids in age appropriate lessons, to help them develop a grand view of God through the Gospel that they would choose to pursue Him with their lives. The following programs are offered to assist in fulfilling this vision.

K-2 Children’s Church

TheClubhouse_LogoYour children in grades K-2 are encouraged to join you in the beginning of the worship service to participate in worship and prayer, as a family. However, just prior to the sermon, children in grades K-2 are dismissed to participate in a children’s church program designed just for them. During this time adult leaders will engage your kids in prayer, God’s Word, as well as activities that reinforce the lesson they’ve just learned. K-2 Children’s Church will transition directly into Sunday school so that you are able to move directly from the worship service into your own Sunday school class.
***What about kids in grades 3-5? Due that are the primary spiritual influencers of their children, we would like you to keep your children with you during the worship service, beginning at third grade. This provides you as the parent the opportunity to model for your child what it looks like to participate in other elements of the worship service including the message, communion, etc. This also allows you and your children to hear the same message, in which you can engage in conversation about the message, after the service is over.

K-5 Sunday School

During the Sunday school time period (10:40-11:40 am) we do a variety of things. We begin by having all of our Grandview’s K-5 children together in our clubhouse room (B9). Then we break them into small groups according to their age groups (Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade, and 3rd-5th Grade) and teach them age-appropriate truths about God and His Word. Then we gather the K-5 kids back together to conclude our time with a large group time of kid-friendly worship music, bible memorization, and prayer.