Commit to Purity Milestone

Commitment To Purity – Family Time Together

In today’s culture, it’s not easy to stay pure…which is why it’s so important to celebrate and affirm teenagers’ commitments to purity.  As young people grow, they’ll face a variety of temptations and pressures.  They’ll make important life-shaping moral decisions between 11 and 19, and their choices will shape who they are as followers of Christ.  Ultimately, kids must choose between a pure or impure lifestyle.  Grandview is hosting a “Commitment to Purity – Family Time Together” to help parents lead their sons and daughters to make a commitment to have pure hearts and to live pure lives for God.

Target Age: Teenager (middle-high school students)*

When: Monday, April 7th from 6:30-8:00 PM

Where: Grandview Church in room A-10

*At least one parent (grandparent or mentor) must be present with the child at the Family Time Together, in order to participate in the All-Church Celebration.