Children’s Ministries

GVbackyard_ChildMin-Logo Kids love their backyards. It is a place of excitement, discovery, and a place to connect with others. Yet at the end of the day kids head back into their homes and talk about all the things they discovered while in their backyard.

The same is true for kids and the church. We aim to create an environment that kids are excited to be a part of, discover a grand view of who God is, and have a place to connect with other kids their age. At the end of their time in Grandview’s backyard, kids head back to their homes – where they can talk about all the things they discovered.

With this said we believe that the home is where the primary spiritual formation of a child takes place, the backyard (church) is here to assist in that task. This is why Grandview’s Backyard Children’s Ministries exists: To assist the home in giving kids a grand view of God through the Gospel of Christ.

We aim to accomplish this purpose through multiple avenues.

• Pre-K Sandbox
• K-5 Clubhouse
• AWANA – Begins August 28, 2019

• Family Faith Milestones
• Special Events (VBS, Pumpkin Party)
• Volunteer